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UPVC And Aluminium - The Facts Behind These Two Building Materials

When browsing our full product range online or in our Frome showroom, you will see that most of our designs are crafted from either UPVC or aluminium. 

Aluminium Conservatory with Bi-Fold Doors

They’re two of the best materials for building home improvement solutions like windows, doors and conservatories. 

If you were to ask us which of the two materials we would rank over the other, it would be difficult to give you an answer as both materials offer a range of qualities. 

As for what these qualities are, let us fill you in on the facts: 


We live in one of the world’s wettest countries and you need your windows and doors to be able to cope with regular downpours. 

UPVC is weather-resistant, so it can easily see off the rain, and it only needs cleaning down with a cloth when the surface gets a bit grubby. You will never have to repaint, sand or varnish a UPVC profile, never! 

The affordability of UPVC is a big reason behind its popularity with homeowners. It’s very low-cost for what you get, which is a UPVC product that will last for 10 years or more. 


One of the most notable aspects of an aluminium window, door or conservatory is the sleekness of the framework. Aluminium profiles are unbelievably trim, and it comes as a surprise to a lot of people as we are all so familiar with how incredibly durable aluminium is. 

Aluminium frames are also gorgeously detailed, and their finishes always really stand-out due to them being powder-coated onto the frames. 

And as far as the finishes are concerned, there are so many of them as virtually any colour from the RAL chart can be recreated and assimilated into an aluminium offering. 

The easiest way to choose between UPVC and aluminium is to see them with your own eyes in person. Do that by paying a visit to our Frome showroom

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