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UPVC Or Aluminium? Which Material Gets Your Vote?

There’s a lot to think about when investing in new replacement windows and doors for your property including choosing a suitable style and colour as they must look in keeping with the residence. When they’re bought from Permaframe you also have to decipher whether UPVC or aluminium is the best window or door material.

White UPVC Windows

Choosing between these two quality building materials is immensely difficult and it would be impossible for us to pick one over the other, that’s why we use both. You will have a better idea of which most appeals to you once we’ve assessed UPVC and aluminium in a series of important areas…


The budget you have at your disposal will obviously determine if you’re able to afford UPVC or aluminium and UPVC is more affordable than aluminium.

But, although aluminium is more costly it offers so many outstanding qualities such as the exceptionally high standard of thermal efficiency it offers and how ridiculously tough it is.  


Traditional timber windows and doors need to be constantly looked after otherwise their appearance and performance rapidly diminishes. UPVC and aluminium require a fraction of the maintenance as they’re both weather-resistant.

Whenever any noticeable grubbiness forms on a UPVC or aluminium frame you can instantly eradicate it with a swift wipe of a wet, soapy cloth.


The hardened plastic of UPVC is super strong and can withstand most things thrown at it and aluminium is no different, in fact it’s even stronger.

Their lasting toughness was partly behind our decision to provide customers with a 10 year guarantee as we’re confident that neither material will let you down. UPVC and aluminium windows and doors are also fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, so there’s no shifting them when they’re locked.


The popularity of traditional white coloured windows and doors is still extremely high, but there’s increased demand for a broader choice of finishes and window and door suppliers like us have catered for that.

If you want the widest possible selection of finishes aluminium may be more suited as virtually all RAL colours can be incorporated into the frame.

Come and judge a winner!

It would be unwise to determine if UPVC or aluminium best serves your needs without seeing each material in the flesh. You can do just that at our stylish Frome showroom as we have numerous UPVC and aluminium products displayed.


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