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How To Use Colour To Brighten Up Your Home

How to use colour in your home

As we’re all counting down the days until daylight savings kicks in, we’re missing that extra bit of light in our homes.

Luckily, there are ways you can counteract the darkness we so often feel come 4pm.

By selecting the right colours to incorporate into your home, you can create a bright, warm, and welcoming atmosphere in your home, long before the clocks go forward.

Colourful windows & doors 

Don’t underestimate the ability of colour to transform a space. Colour can have a massive influence on the overall atmosphere and even give the impression of a larger or smaller space.

One of the best ways to introduce colour into your home is to make a bold statement with colourful window and door finishes. You can then select window treatments to complement the frames with decorative curtains and blinds.

If you’re looking to add warmth, steer away from cooler colours (like white) and opt for rich shades of mahogany and rosewood.

Colourful window treatments

Colourful paint

Paint is a great way to upcycle a drab TV stand or bookcase in your home, as well as useful in creating a vibrant feature wall.

Take a trip to B&Q and gather some paint samples. It can be easy to gravitate to cream, magnolia and ivory but consider other shades across the colour spectrum.

Harmonising colours are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel and every colour scheme has advantages. Adjacent colours of blue, green and cyan will give your living space a comforting presence.

Colourful paint

Colourful accessories

Not ready to commit to one colour scheme? Keep the big purchase furniture pieces in neutral colours but accessorise with bright accessories.

You can easily update cushions, rugs and blankets to fit in with the season and your ever-changing taste.

Colourful accessories

Enhance your home with colour with Permaframe’s variety of classic and uniquely coloured finishes for windows and doors. Download our brochure here to view the complete spectrum of shades.

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