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Want To Know What Will Be Hot In Home Décor This Year?

The start of a New Year seems a fitting time for anyone whose home feels a bit stale to get off their backside and give it a bit of a transformation to get them excited about living there again. It might be something that you’re contemplating doing yourself.

If so, it’s a job that needs doing properly. By that we mean that you need to change its look in a fashionable manner and not do anything that is out of step with current trends.

You could always go in search of inspiration online. Pinterest is a good platform for picking up fresh ideas, as Permaframe has found out when trying to uncover the hottest home trends for 2020. Here are 3 of the foremost trends we’ve identified for you:

‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’ are this year’s must-have colours

If it’s a change of colour scheme your home interior is crying out for, you need to either get some ‘Tranquil Dawn’ or ‘Classic Blue’ in there, the respective Colours of the Year of Dulux and Pantone.

After much deliberation, Dulux opted for the soft green colour, which they say is “inspired by the morning sky, to help give homes the human touch”, as it “reflects our growing desire to understand what it means to be human”.

Pantone have coined ‘Classic Blue’ as a “solid and depending blue hue we can always rely on.”

Eco-friendly furniture and homewares

We all need to be more conscious of the things we buy and ensure that whatever we purchase has been produced in an eco-friendly manner.

Keep an eye out for furniture and homewares that have been made from recycled materials or at the very least, made from sustainably sourced materials.

When replacing any old furniture that remains in a decent condition, see if anyone you know wants it, or try and sell it through a second-hand furniture site to save on unnecessary waste.

The revival of the houseplant

Britons are looking to make a connection to nature in their homes and creating their own indoor gardens by adding houseplants around the house e.g. spider plants, ferns, cacti, aloe vera.

It’s a good way of getting some greenery if you don’t have your own outdoor green space or live near one.

Houseplants also offer health benefits to occupants, aiding breathing, preventing illness and providing generally cleaner air.

We would love to assist you with giving your home a New Year makeover. Arrange for a call back from our team to discuss how we can help.

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