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What Is A FENSA Accreditation?

When scouting out home improvement companies you may have noticed the FENSA logo emblazoned on their website and marketing materials.

Permaframe is a well-established FENSA Registered Member and very proud to hold such status. We have a page dedicated to our FENSA membership.

Some householders will be unfamiliar with FENSA and wonder what the significance of being a FENSA member is. Let us fill you in…

Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA)

Established by the Glass and Glazing Federation, together with a number of other industry bodies, FENSA is a Competent Person Scheme.

FENSA is responsible for issuing certificates to homeowners to signify that any window or door installation provided by your chosen FENSA recognised home improvement specialist complies with current building regulations.

Anyone who has had new windows and doors fitted by a FENSA member after April 2002 should have received a FENSA certificate. This certificate should be stored away safely. Why? Because if you ever decide to sell your property you can present it any potential new occupants and show them that the windows and doors in your house are fitted to the very highest standard. However, don’t worry if you lose the certificate as you can always ask for another copy from FENSA.

We are reassessed regularly by FENSA to ensure that we are continuing to provide the high standard of installation expected of all FENSA Registered Members. All feedback submitted by our customers also plays a part in determining whether we remain a FENSA Registered Member.

Insurance Backed Guaranteed

An added bonus of choosing a FENSA company is that you will be issued with an Insurance Backed Guarantee at the conclusion of the work. Why is this so significant?

Should we, or any other FENSA member, cease to trade, being in receipt of an Insurance Backed Guarantee means that your investment is protected. This Insurance Backed Guarantee runs for 10 years.

Peace of mind with Permaframe

You, and your home, couldn’t be in safer hands when you choose Permaframe. You won’t find a company as committed to quality as Permaframe has been for over 25 years.

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