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What Is A Loggia?

It is now 5 years since the Loggia conservatory was unveiled to the world and captivated the industry.

Householders have been no less captivated by this magnificent structure which has reinvigorated people’s desire for home extensions.

If you’re currently unfamiliar with this incredible innovation, here’s your lowdown on the Loggia

Combining elements of a traditional conservatory and orangery design, the Loggia has been brought to life by the finest Italian designers and British architects.

Its modernised design has been heavily influenced by the Italian Renaissance period, a time when Filippo Brunelleschi was the world’s foremost architect.

Key features of the Loggia

  • Draws together light and sky
  • Solid corner columns
  • Glass-to-floor windows
  • Plastered internal walls and ceiling

Key benefits of the Loggia

  • Incredibly low U-values (when triple glazed and containing six posts, it can achieve an overall U-value of just 0.74w/km2) meaning it tends to consume around half of the heat of a similarly sized conservatory and stays cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Usually only costs slightly more than a standard conservatory
  • Most Loggia designs meet current building regulations
  • Fast installation (a Loggia can be constructed more quickly than a brick-built or block and render conservatory or orangery)

What else you need to know

To give it that extra added bit of authenticity, traditional sash windows can be incorporated into the design. When it’s built to the best possible standard it will supply you with something completely different to your normal conservatory or orangery. French doors and bi-folds also make for a stunning fit.

Should you want to use the Loggia at night-time then you can have spotlights or downlighters inserted into the perimeter plastered ceiling to illuminate the interior.

You also have the option of including a cornice to further enhance the styling of the structure and its internal atmosphere.

You’ll love the Loggia

When people feast their eyes on a Loggia for the first time they tend to fall head over heels with how it looks. We anticipate that you will have the same sort of reaction and aspire to own a Loggia of your own, delivered by the pioneers at Permaframe.



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