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The Window Selling Tactics You Need To Avoid

The double-glazing industry is extremely well-Policed nowadays due to the existence of various competent person schemes, like FENSA, and no longer has the stigma of years gone by.

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However, not every window company completely plays by the rules, with there still being a very small percentage of suppliers using questionable and sneaky sales tactics to acquire custom.

Permaframe is a long-standing member of FENSA, so you will get no such dishonesty from us. The same goes for most other window specialists. But that, unfortunately, can’t be said of everybody.

Please beware when you are sold to like this:

Price Conditioning

Instead of just giving you a straight price or quote, a salesperson will try and coax you into admitting what you can spend and are willing to pay.

Once you have come out and named your price, they will use this to come up with a figure they believe will convince you to a agree to a deal.

This sales technique is referred to as Price Conditioning.

If acting honourably, they would listen to your requirements and then give you a genuine price or quote based on this information.

Fake Discounts

Who doesn’t love a discounted deal? A salesperson may exploit that by offering you a fake discount that is limited to that day only.

This is designed to put you under pressure to buy straightaway and not shop around to check if they are giving you a legitimately great deal.

It’s entirely within your right to find out what other suppliers can offer, and indeed, it’s always recommended that you get at least three quotes before committing to a supplier.

Big Price Drops

A salesperson will quote an artificially inflated price in the hope that it brings out an audible gasp from you and then say nothing, waiting for you to give your thoughts on it.

To alleviate your shock at the quote, they will then reduce the price, much to your relief, to make you believe that you are getting the best price.

It shouldn’t work like that. The best price should always be given to you from the very outset.


Using a little bit of smooth talk to make you divulge your price expectation and budget, a salesperson will then give you a quote that meets or marginally exceeds this expectation.

It will likely be more than what you should be paying, causing you to be overcharged. That’s why you should always get a minimum of three quotes so that you can figure out the correct price point.


We are confident that you will have confidence that Permaframe is acting in your best interests within just a few minutes of talking to one of our consultants. Book an appointment and let’s have a chat.  





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