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Why Do My Windows Get Condensation And How Do I Stop It?

If we received a pound for every time, we’ve been asked this question, well, let’s just say that we’d be a very rich company!

It’s no surprise that we hear it a lot though as an estimated one in five British homes suffer with condensation, and yours might be one of them.

Excess humidity and moisture in the home causes it, predominantly in the winter when the inside of your home will be very warm.

With a lack of ventilation and no option of opening any windows when it’s freezing outside, there is no way that the warm air that comes out of your radiators, shower, dryer and kettle can escape.

When all this warm air collides with a cold internal glass pane, that’s when the water droplets start to form.

What you need is some extractor fans and vents fitted.

Alternatively, and an even better option, is to replace your single-glazed windows for the latest double-glazed energy efficient windows.

They’re much warmer windows, so you will no longer get internal condensation.

However, there’s no denying that double-glazed energy efficient windows can sometimes get some external condensation, normally in March/April and October.

Why? During the spring and autumn seasons, the dew point is high and outside temperatures wildly fluctuate, and that’s where it stems from.

But don’t let that put you off them!

External condensation will quickly evaporate after its hit by direct sunlight or a light breeze, and it’s also a visible indication that the windows are providing the right amount of insulation. 

Internal condensation won’t disappear anywhere near as fast, unless you wipe it away with a towel, which you should do any way to avoid any possibility of mould, damp or structural damage.


If there’s anything more you need to know about condensation, have a read of Permaframe’s Helpful Guide on the subject.

A FREE copy is available for download here.




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