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3 Home Improvement Projects That You Should Look To Avoid Doing

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

When improving your home, one of the overarching aims should be to enhance its value and make the property more sellable. 

Last month, we highlighted some up-to-the-minute home trends you can use to accomplish this feat – the relevant blog post is here

On the flip side of that, what you don’t ultimately want to happen is for any improvements you make to do the opposite, and cause your home’s valuation to drop. But if you make the wrong choices, that’s entirely possible. 

We don’t want you to make any mistakes, so here’s a few projects it’s advised that you don’t do:

Knocking through a bedroom

There’s many thousands of bedrooms sitting empty in UK homes. Often it is because someone has left the family home. 

It would seem a waste not to use these spaces for some purpose, and you certainly can do. But it’s recommended that you don’t knock it through or permanently change its functionality. 

Yes, it could be a home office, but please ensure that it can be changed back to being a bedroom again as permanently losing a bedroom will give your home less buyer appeal.


Too much re-carpeting

Once marks and stains become deeply imbedded in your carpets, they can be tough to shift. Any scruffy-looking carpet should be replaced, but don’t be tempted to re-carpet everywhere.

Potential buyers may not be so enamoured with your carpeting choice and it will force them to have to replace and pay for an entire house worth of flooring, which won’t be cheap. 

It would be better to just re-carpet on a room-by-room basis, rather than have a total flooring overhaul.

Carpeted area

Saying goodbye to your lawn

Although it’s lovely having a garden, especially at this time, the regular need for lawn maintenance can be tiresome for some people.

We understand your pain, but we would urge you not to have the lawn taken out as neatly manicured lawns are very much coveted by buyers. 

What you definitely could do, without it having a negative impact, is to replace the lawn with artificial grass. It’s incredible how realistic the artificial solutions are nowadays.

Garden swing

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