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New A+ Plus Windows Now Available

It is easy to forget in the peak of summer that winter is not too far away, something you will be conscious of if your existing windows offer insufficient thermal performance.

Heritage Windows

No-one wants to live in a cold home, but that will be the case if you fail to replace your old windows in time for our coldest season, and there’s no finer replacement for them than our newly available A+ Plus UPVC windows. We recommend that you have them installed now before temperatures start to dip.

Previously an A-rated window was the most thermally efficient window you could buy, and impressive it is too, especially when you consider that a C-rated window is the minimum Window Energy Ratings requirement. However, A+ Plus windows take things to a whole new level.

Now, we will be honest and tell you that A+ Plus windows will cost you a bit more than A-rated windows, but for the extra investment you get even greater energy efficiency. The subsequent benefits of this also include a warmer household, lower carbon footprint and cheaper fuel bills. Much of this outstanding energy efficiency can put down to the windows’ ability to utilise the warmth of the sun and transfer it indoors, whilst also vastly reducing heat loss and draughts.

The enduring quality of A+ Plus windows is further assured as UPVC has an expected lifespan of at least 20 years. It isn’t unusual for them to last for three decades, so you really will get value for money. During that time you will barely have to give them any TLC as UPVC is a weather resistant material; the odd wipe of the frames with a wet cloth will suffice.

If you take a fancy to a particular window design within our window range, you will be pleased to know that A+ Plus windows can be supplied in the style of your choice.

For more information on A+ Plus windows give us a call or visit our Frome showroom.


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