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Recoup Those Christmas Spends With Permaframe

9th December 2014

We’re all guilty of it at this time of the year; overspending at Christmas. It’s so tempting to spend beyond your means so that you can gift those closest to you with the very finest presents and put a smile on their faces. It’s also hard not to be extravagant with purchasing food and drink...

A Transformation Of Our Own Home: Welcome To Our New Website

25th November 2014

The winter season is the perfect time of year to make improvements to your home and it’s also perfect timing for Permaframe to unveil a brand spanking new website. We like to refresh and upgrade our online platform once every couple of years as it’s very often the first point of contact that people have...

The Battle Heats Up Between Energy Suppliers

23rd October 2014

Household energy prices continue to be a hot topic, particularly with winter fast approaching. Such is the level of concern expressed about the rising cost of gas and electricity that the Labour Party is using the issue as a bargaining tool, pledging to freeze prices for 18 months if voted into power. Much criticism has...

Head For Heights? Lofty Residential Skyscraper Opens In NYC

16th October 2014

Ever fancied living up in the sky? If you have then check out the brand new skyscraper situated at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan which has been officially recognised as the tallest residential site in the Western Hemisphere. Containing 104 luxury apartments ranging from $16.95m to $95m, the building measures a staggering 1,396 feet tall...

Go Bespoke: Create The Conservatory Of Your Dreams

23rd September 2014

No home is ever really the same. Some of the newer housing estates you see may look pretty uniform, but inside you can bet that each individual householder will have put their individual stamp on the property and made it their own. It’s good to be different. That’s why we always fully understand when home...

Don’t Be Narrow-Minded! 84-Inch Wide House Up For Sale

3rd September 2014

You would rightly imagine that £235,000 would get you a substantially sized home with many different amenities in most parts of the country. Not in the London though after a property in Harringay measuring a mere 84-inches (7-foot wide) has been put up for sale on Rightmove, thought to be one of the narrowest homes...

Winter Window Warmers – Prepare Your Home For Colder Climes

18th August 2014

After a prolonged spell of continental style weather, temperatures have dropped reasonably sharply across most of the UK, a reminder that winter won’t be far away. However, it is still only the middle of August so you shouldn’t really have to turn to your heating system too regularly at this time of year. If you’ve...

Solid Roofs - Gain A Permanently Comfortable Living Space

12th August 2014

Anyone who invests in a home extension understandably wants to get as much use out of it as they possibly can, but certain old-style conservatories and orangeries become too hot in summer and too cold in winter, denying them the opportunity. You need to feel comfortable in its surroundings otherwise why would you bother exchanging...

Visit The Country’s Must-See Conservatories

24th July 2014

The conservatory, or as it’s sometimes referred to, the greenhouse or sunroom, has existed since the 16th Century when it was traditionally utilised by wealthy landowners as a place for growing numerous plants and fruits. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that a considerable number of these glorious glass buildings started to appear throughout the...

Help Your Home Get Noticed With A New Front Door

16th July 2014

People often make their own individual judgements within a split second so first impressions always count. This means that you typically only have one chance to influence their thoughts so getting it right first time is extremely important and nowhere is this more applicable than to your home. Your choice of front door can have...

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