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Ways To Help Your Kids Reach The Top Of The Class

6th November 2013

All responsible parents want the very best for their children and for them to grow up into mature and successful human beings. They should only be too aware that education will play a vital role in their personal development and help determine their future pathway. Putting every effort into their classroom studies is essential. Away...

5 Amazing Examples of Glass in Architecture

18th October 2013

There’s many a glass building around the world. They start off as small greenhouses in the back garden of a pensioner in back-country Wales, then in terms of glass buildings they’ll go up to a conservatory or to a lesser extent an orangery and then you get on to the stupidly big buildings in the...

The Top Winter Comfort Foods

17th October 2013

Everyone tries to eat well during the summer with it being ‘bikini season’ and what not. There’s plenty of phrases that have been coined recently. Things like “no carbs before marbs” etc, etc. Well, now that winter is round the corner, you can expect people to drop the diets they adopted in the summer for...

UK Housing Bubble: ‘Extremely Slim’ Risk

15th October 2013

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘housing bubble’ is, fear not. You can find out for yourself here, or you could read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know. In short, a housing bubble is a type of economic bubble that happens periodically in both local and global property...

Funniest Homework Excuses

18th September 2013

There’s millions of kids up and down the country who will have just gone back to school and will be dreading getting their first few pieces of homework, especially with the new games that are being released this month like the new Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 14. Anyway, whether you’ve just had a...

4 Most Amazing Stained Glass Windows

17th September 2013

There’s a number of different stained glass windows around the world. Some of which are more impressive than others. I mean, there’s some pretty shoddy efforts and some things that you just don’t expect to see in a church, like this one. While it’s not something that we actually offer here at Permaframe, it is...

4 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Places In The UK

30th August 2013

People all around the world abandoned their homes for various reasons, some, because they just take off to pastures new and other people go missing in the dark of the night without a word. Other people just up sticks and leave half-finished construction sites to wallow away into nothingness after hundreds of thousands of pounds...

5 Interesting Facts About Somerset

29th August 2013

Somerset is a huge, huge county and there’s plenty of things to tell you about it but here at Permaframe we’re going to list five of our favourite facts about Somerset. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 1. The Home of Electric Street Lighting As hard as this may be to...

3 Famous People From Somerset

19th July 2013

Somerset is a huge place but it still has its fair share of famous people who hail from the Southern county. As well as our fantastic range of conservatories, windows, orangeries and many other things, we’re going to list some of the most famous people to come out of Somerset. Let us know what you...

Top Energy Saving Tips For The Summer

10th July 2013

Summer has finally rolled around after what has been an extremely odd start to 2013. Now though, the majority of the UK is experiencing some sort of a heat wave and your energy bills will be showing it soon enough. There are a number of different ways in which we can conserve energy and, dare...

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