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How To Make A Conservatory Useable 365 Days Of The Year

16th February 2016

With UK house prices escalating and salaries failing to rise at the same rate as inflation, millions of Britons are faced with no other option but to remain in their existing homes. Some of these people rely on their conservatory but are unable to utilise it any more to overcome any shortage of space because...

Shelter From The Snow With New Windows & Doors

13th January 2016

Britain may be on the verge of being hit by a blanket of snow if some weather forecasters are to be believed. Some are even predicting that temperatures could drop to as low as -15C in some areas meaning that venturing outdoors will be strictly off limits for some. Who knows whether such prophecies will...

Cancel The House Move For A Conservatory

15th December 2015

Last week New London Architecture unveiled a shortlist of 33 nominees for the Don’t Move, Improve! Awards, all competing to be crowned the most stunning home extension in the Capital. The winners will be announced in January. There are some remarkable entries, some of which you can see in the following article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3354310/From-giant-lantern-pop-cinema-glass-ceilings-London-s-stunning-extensions-revealed-rising-house-prices-lead-homeowners-stay-improve-property.html as rising...

5 Alternative Options For Conservatory Use

24th November 2015

A great number of householders fortunate enough to own a conservatory traditionally use it in one of two ways; either as an additional living or dining area. Both are fantastic choices as lounging and dining really is taken to the next level when you sample them within a home extension. They aren’t your only options...

Why You Need To Gift Your Home New Windows And Doors

22nd October 2015

You are likely to find yourself frequently flitting in and out of your house this winter. It will of course likely sit empty whenever you head out to work in the morning, plus you may be attending various Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year celebrations. You may also need to account for any dashes...

3 Assets Of Buying A Solid Roof

21st September 2015

Many conservatories in this country are criminally underused, generally because a lot of traditional conservatories have a limited lifespan. Whilst they may have provided consistent warmth for a number of years after their original installation, their performance gradually dips until the time when they become unusable during summer and winter. Some of the finger of...

Permaframe Answers Appeal For Cricket Club Sponsors

12th August 2015

Permaframe always tries to do as much as it can to give something back to the local area and support worthwhile causes and initiatives. We were therefore bowled over by the chance to begin sponsorship of Frome Cricket Club where Permaframe has recently become one of the club’s newest boundary board sponsors. Formed in 1925,...

Introducing Some Of Your Orangery Options

14th July 2015

The orangery is fast growing in stature amongst the British public and homeowners looking to expand their homes in the most lavish way possible. You can easily understand why as it shares similar characteristics to the traditional conservatory but with a larger quantity of brickwork and glass. When shopping around for an orangery from companies...

Money Saving Tips To Put Home Improvements Within Reach

8th June 2015

We at Permaframe firmly believe that our home improvements are extremely good value, as you will find out for yourself when you investigate our competitors’ prices. We do understand though that for you to be able to get that brand new conservatory or a fresh set of windows and doors you may need to do...

Casting Their Vote In A Conservatory

7th May 2015

After weeks of campaigning Election Day has arrived in the UK and it’s anticipated to be one of the closest in living memory with all fingers pointing towards a hung parliament and further coalition government. Millions of people will already have crossed the box of their favoured candidate via a postal vote but millions more...

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