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The Way To Create A More Spacious Home

30th June 2022

A lack of space inside your home can really start to get to you and affect you both mentally and emotionally. Sitting back and doing nothing about it isn’t advisable. Maybe you have the capacity to extend your property or could look into moving, but if you’re happy where you currently live, you should firstly...

The Advantages Of Creating A Bespoke Conservatory

22nd June 2022

Going bespoke enables a customer to get heavily involved in the design process and get a personalised conservatory. If it’s within your budget to go bespoke, you certainly won’t regret it. At Permaframe, there are hundreds of ways to customise your brand-new conservatory and we encourage you to take every opportunity to create your dream...

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost? Prices in Frome, Bath, and Bristol

17th June 2022

Here at Permaframe, we are often asked, “How much will new windows cost?”. That is a great question, but unfortunately there isn’t one single answer. Replacing the windows in your home is a major decision and significant investment and many homeowners go into the process having no idea what the overall cost will be. You...

Your Free Home Edit Magazine Is Waiting For You

8th June 2022

We have something exciting to share with all of our wonderful customers. Our new Home Edit magazine is live, ready for you to download for free. You’ll get 28 pages of home inspiration at your fingertips with plenty of ideas of ways to transform your home. This first edition features many of our favourite 2022...

How To Modernise A Dated Home Entrance

26th May 2022

Once you form a negative opinion of a house, you won’t often reassess that opinion, and it tends to be a property’s entrance that you base it on. This is why first impressions are so important. If you don’t feel that your home necessarily creates a great first impression, your entrance should be treated to...

Why Buying A Porch Will Be A Great Home Investment

26th April 2022

Pretend that you’re visiting your home for the very first time and look directly at the entrance into the building. Does it wow you or leave you distinctly unimpressed? If you get the latter reaction, you need to do something about it and having a stunning porch integrated into your entrance will definitely elevate its...

The Permaframe Guide To 3 Very Popular Types Of Conservatory

25th March 2022

Everything is so expensive right now that the cost of moving house is just an impossibility for so many people, which isn’t helpful if you’re looking to relocate to secure more space.  If you’re in this predicament, have you thought about extending your current home with a conservatory? It won’t cost anywhere near as much...

3 Simple Ways To Encourage More Natural Light Into Your Home

4th March 2022

We could all benefit from more natural light in our homes. It can have a dramatic effect on our mood and well-being. From installing specific types of windows to trimming the unruly parts of your garden, there are many ways you increase natural light in your home. With daylight savings just around the corner, put...

How To Use Colour To Brighten Up Your Home

14th February 2022

As we’re all counting down the days until daylight savings kicks in, we’re missing that extra bit of light in our homes. Luckily, there are ways you can counteract the darkness we so often feel come 4pm. By selecting the right colours to incorporate into your home, you can create a bright, warm, and welcoming...

3 Home Trends For 2022 That You Need To Know About

13th January 2022

The extended time you spent indoors over the festive period may have made you decide that your home needs freshening up somehow.  It’s good to keep updating your interior, particularly as home trends change so quickly and dramatically – what’s ‘in’ one moment is ‘out’ the next.  You don’t want an outdated home. You want...

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