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Interior Ideas For Your Home

27th June 2018

It’s been a long time coming but summer is officially underway and a new season presents new opportunities for all householders such as you summoning up the effort to refresh your home interior. Currently the inside of your house may look and feel a little stale, but a few astute updates and adjustments here and...

Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Is Right For You?

21st June 2018

Investment into a conservatory or orangery will be one of the most financially demanding purchases you’re likely to make in your lifetime, so you need to be completely content with which of these beautiful extensions you buy. There are a few similarities between the two structures, not least that their chief purpose is usually to...

Introducing The Loggia Conservatory

15th June 2018

Millions of existing British homeowners are being squeezed out of the housing market, preventing them from making that next step up the property ladder. This growing trend has seen a rise of interest in home extensions and the newest home extension to be developed is the Loggia conservatory; an extension that a lot of people...

The Benefits Of Installing A Solid Roof

5th June 2018

Conservatory owners have an added urge to utilise their extension during the summer months, but are often prevented from doing so due to the extreme warmth that infiltrates the space in warm weather. Solid roofs were partly developed to cure this issue, namely to make conservatories thermally efficient all-year round so that their owners can...

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

29th May 2018

One of the most popular questions we get asked by customers is “should I buy double glazing or triple glazing?” It’s virtually impossible for us to give a definitive answer as it very much depends on several factors. You should assess each of these factors before making a final decision as they’ll help you identify...

Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Windows

17th May 2018

Traditional white still remains the favoured window colour for millions of Somerset householders. It is a safe but classic choice that you know will never leave your property looking dated, so you can understand its continued appeal. Coloured windows are though really taking off as property owners seek something a little different. It was only...

Why Your Heritage Home Is Easily Improved

27th April 2018

Whether you’re intent on moving home or have no plans to relocate elsewhere in the long-term future you should try and enhance the property with suitable home improvement products. It’s not quite as straightforward to do this if you own a period or Heritage home or residence situated in a conservation area. Your motivation for...

What Is An Orangery?

23rd April 2018

Making that next step on the property ladder is an expensive business, too expensive for many, which is why some Somerset householders are opting to improve not move and sometimes doing so with a spacious new orangery. It’s fair to say that most of us are familiar with the conservatory, but some reading this will...

Bring The Outside In! Install Bi-Folding Doors From Permaframe

16th April 2018

After one of the worst winters in recent memory it looks as though weather conditions will heat up over the coming days with the bonus of brilliant sunshine. Scientists have found that sunshine has a massively positive impact on our wellbeing helping to improve our mood and the transference of natural light indoors can also...

Transform Your Conservatory This Summer

10th April 2018

You wouldn’t think it from the awful weather we have been experiencing, but summer isn’t too far away! Conservatory owners should particularly be on red alert if they have ambitions to make the most of their extension and assign it as the primary spot for lounging and dining over summer. They still have time though...

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