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Make The Indoors Feel Like The Outdoors With Bi-Folding Doors

11th April 2019

We hate to tempt fate, but hopefully we’ve seen the back of the winter weather and can now look forward to a sustained period of warmth through until the summer months, and possibly beyond then. The first sign of sunshine and hotter temperatures seems to draw us Brits towards our gardens where we usually love...

Double Glazing Or Triple Glazing – Which Should You Choose?

2nd April 2019

Shopping for replacement windows is nowhere near as uncomplicated and pressure-free as traditional window shopping is i.e. having a nosey in the shop window at your favourite high street store. The integration of new windows can change the whole dynamic of your property and they should only do so for the better which rests on...

Don't Move, Improve Your Home With An Extension

18th March 2019

Do you feel yourself almost being squeezed out of the home you love due to an increasing lack of space? It can gradually occur once your belongings and / or family grow. Moving home will likely come into your mind, but can you afford to move and do you have the energy or willingness to...

Composite vs UPVC Doors: Which Should You Choose?

13th March 2019

Your front door plays several important roles – it provides you with access into your home, helps protect it from intrusion, enables post to be delivered and sets the tone for the overall styling of the house, or at least it should. A shabby-looking front door won’t do your home any favours at all as...

Create The Perfect First Look With A Replacement Door From Permaframe

12th February 2019

Your home should be one of your proudest possessions and that should come across to people when they pay a visit. Seeing as your entrance is one of the first things they will pay attention to and the main face of the building, it’s important that your front door is stylish and in the best...

Show Your Windows And Doors Some Love This Valentine's Day

5th February 2019

February 14th is edging ever closer and if you’re a true romantic at heart you will either have already bought your partner a lovey-dovey gift or be in the process of finding them a thoughtful something. And while you’re in an amorous sort of mood, why not pretty up your home for the occasion through...

Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Is Right For You?

1st February 2019

The sight of falling snow outside shouldn’t stop you from making the first move towards buying a conservatory or orangery as both of these beautiful extensions offer year-round comfortable extended living – the days of conservatories and orangeries feeling like ice boxes in winter have long gone. Your toughest choice when approaching a company like...

How To Increase Your Property's Value Through Home Improvements

22nd January 2019

We all aspire to create the dream home for ourselves and though you may eventually reach a point where you feel you completely content with your house, improvements can usually be made in some way. It’s a fruitless task trying to make your home perfect as perfection is unattainable, but getting it as close to...

A Round-Up Of Home Trends For 2018 And Our Predictions For 2019

6th December 2018

So much has happened in 2018! Another Royal baby (or could it be twins?) has been announced, Brexit continues to lead the news agenda and we’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful home interior trends develop over the past 12 months. Sales of skylights soared as homeowners looked to capitalise on the light of...

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Christmas

21st November 2018

You know Christmas is close when the classic Coca-Cola advert is screened on TV. Are you ready for it and counting down to the big day? Putting up the Christmas decorations is a sure-fire way of giving you that Christmassy feel and an ideal time to do it will be on 1st December as it...

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