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3 Tips To Help You Make Condensation Less Troublesome

8th September 2021

At some homes, you can tell that autumn has arrived as condensation has started to rear its ugly head – it’s not the nicest thing to have on your windows first thing in the morning, that’s for sure.  Getting condensation every now and again isn’t a major problem, but if it repeatedly occurs, action needs...

Do You Need Building Regulations Approval For A Porch?

1st September 2021

Does the exterior of your house need modernising in some way? The integration of a stylish porch will glamourise its appearance and bring it firmly into the 21st Century.  A porch also comes in handy for storage purposes, providing you with an area where you can hang up coats and jackets and put down shoes. ...

Introducing Our Collections Range - Three Stunning Window & Door Suites

11th August 2021

We’re not a company for standing still. Permaframe is always looking to bring new innovations to the market for customers, and it’s happened recently with the launch of our collections range.  It comprises three separate product suites – Extreme, Envisage and Eclipse.  By name alone, they won’t mean much to you, so let’s give you...

3 Home Improvement Ideas That Are Great For Smaller Properties

1st August 2021

If you could change one thing about your home, what would it be? You might reply with the word ‘space’.  Very rarely do you hear someone complain about having too much space at home, but you do hear a lot of people wishing they had more room for manoeuvre indoors.  However, there’s only so much...

How To Make Your Entrance Door Instagram-Worthy

14th July 2021

Who doesn’t love to show off their house to people? We all like to do it, and some of us take to our Instagram account to post an image of our pretty front door.  Doing so with front doors is all the rage, as you will see when you type in the hashtags #frontdoor or...

How To Add A Summery Feel To Your Home

21st June 2021

  It’s been a really encouraging start to the summer thanks to a glorious spell of weather in early June – let’s just hope that the nice weather hasn’t peaked too soon! You will know first-hand that when you’re exposed to the sun, it does give you a lift, physically, mentally and emotionally, and many...

3 DIY Projects That Anyone Can Take On At Home This Summer

15th June 2021

The very thought of doing some DIY at home may fill you with dread, especially if you have tried it before and it didn’t go particularly well. You shouldn’t let it put you off though! The majority of DIY is relatively simple and you don’t want to attempt anything that stretches you too far.  Think...

Why Your Summer At Home Will Be Improved By Bi-Folding Doors

15th May 2021

Foreign travel will be severely limited this summer, so it’s going to mean that many families holiday in their home this summer – you can have just as much fun doing that!  Instead of the usual hotel swimming pool, treat the kids to a paddling pool or water slide in the garden, and for the...

A Handy Guide To Buying New Windows For Your Home

7th May 2021

What would you consider to be the most important feature of your property? Surely your windows would rank high in the list, for a series of reasons.  Much of your home’s appearance is determined by the style of your windows, and they also keep the place secure (or at least they should do), drive sunlight...

What Exactly Is UPVC And Why Is It So Good?

15th April 2021

If you have browsed our full product range, you will have noticed that we manufacture many of them using UPVC, including our conservatories, windows, doors and roofline.  It’s such a great material for constructing home improvement solutions, one that’s been around since 1935.  In case you don’t know what the ‘UPVC’ stands for, it’s an...

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