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Why It’s Best To Check If You Need Building Regulations Approval For A Solid Roof

18th May 2020

Time can drag when you have to spend such a long period indoors, but not if you make the most of it and use your house to the max. If you have a conservatory, we hope you have been going in there to home-school the kids and have your video-calls with your friends.  That won’t...

How To Get Your Hands On A Replacement FENSA Certificate

15th May 2020

Hopefully, the name ‘FENSA’ will mean something to you as the government-authorised scheme, which regulates companies involved in the double glazing industry, has been advertised quite frequently on TV over the past couple of years.  FENSA is short for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme and their ad campaign urges householders to use FENSA-approved installers for their...

A Guide To Buying And Measuring Up Windows And Doors

5th May 2020

All this time spent at home may have got you thinking about making changes to your house, such as having your present windows and doors taken out and exchanged for more secure and more attractive replacements.  That’s the sort of job you need to leave to a professional window and door company, and there’s no-one...

Conservatory Or Orangery - A Guide To Both Forms Of Extension

29th April 2020

In advance of summer, we know that lots of householders will have been hoping to extend their home in time for its arrival. It’s also likely that some of you will be wishing you had extended your home prior to the lockdown because it feels overcrowded at the moment.  Although, we cannot physically extend your...

Everything At Permaframe Comes With A 10 Year Guarantee

22nd April 2020

Quality is the foremost thing you want when buying new windows and doors for your home or an extension to grow your living space. With so many home improvement specialists in the area, how can you be sure which of them will give you that quality? Having strong testimonials, industry-recognised accreditations and competitive prices are...

How It’s Possible To Stay Healthy Whilst At Home

20th April 2020

We need to be in lockdown for a bit longer yet if we’re to continue saving lives and protecting our amazing NHS, but we appreciate that some people may be finding it difficult. If you’re one of them, our advice would be to try and keep strong, take one day at a time and stay...

Love Your Home In Lockdown - 3 Easy DIY Ideas You Can Do

7th April 2020

There’s always something to be doing around the house and in a lockdown situation, what better time to do them? We could be confined to our homes for a while yet and you’ll find you enjoy being indoors more if you love the place to live. So, get those home improvements that have been on...

Arrange A Free Online Design Appointment To Plan Future Home Improvements

30th March 2020

Though the country has been brought to a halt, you don’t have to halt those home improvement plans you’ve been mulling over in your mind. Whether you want to modernise the face of your home with a pretty new set of UPVC and aluminium windows, accompanied by an elegant composite door, or you’re in desperate...

Is Triple Glazing Useful For Minimising The Sound Of External Noise?

27th March 2020

It’s so quiet outside at the moment, understandably, which will be welcomed by homeowners living in built-up areas who usually get lots of noise coming into their property.  Once the lockdown restrictions are lifted though, the sound of cars, trains, loud revellers etc. will soon return and if you’re fearing it, this would be an...

Does A Solid Roof Installation Require Planning Permission?

11th March 2020

Solid roofing systems have proved to be a real lifeline for people who own a conservatory but rarely get to use it anymore because of it ceasing to offer enough thermal efficiency. The application of one of these lightweight tile / slate coverings can solve that, restoring temperature regulation in conservatories and making them feel...

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