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Why U-Values Are Something All Householders Should Know About

22nd March 2018

You may have heard mention of “U-Values” but not be entirely sure what they are or know a good U-Value from a bad one. If you are interested in investing into new home improvements for your property you ought to have an understanding of them as this will help you choose well-insulated products. We say...

Transform Your Bungalow With A Conservatory From Permaframe

20th March 2018

You can never have enough space at home and when you begin to lose it you can feel a little restricted indoors, particularly if you live in a bungalow. The added space you require in your bungalow can be injected into it courtesy of a brand new conservatory – you haven’t read that wrong, it...

Protect Your Conservatory From Water Damage With A Solid Roof

13th March 2018

It hasn’t just been bitterly cold this winter but we have also experienced numerous heavy downpours throughout Somerset and this may have left your old conservatory rather damp. Leaky conservatory roofs are a common problem in conservatories with ageing glass or polycarbonate roofs as wear and tear often eventually gets the better of them. When...

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank To Buy A Permaframe Conservatory

8th March 2018

When you find less and less space to play with at home and it’s causing an issue, extending the property with a conservatory might come into your mind. However, the perceived cost of a conservatory might put you off the idea. You would be surprised though as buying a conservatory isn’t as expensive as you...

5 Benefits Of Having Bi-Folding Doors

5th March 2018

We always experience a big rise of interest in bi-folding doors at this time of the year as the impending spring and summer seasons incentivise householders into connecting their indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-folding doors are the best method of achieving it as they can cover various lengths of available wall space (up to seven...

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Composite Doors?

12th February 2018

Buying a new front door for your property is something you should only need to do once and there are so many different replacement doors available, including composite doors. A composite door utilises a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and has an authentic woodgrain effect. Their technical excellence is second to none and they ooze with...

Permaframe Has A Window To Suit Every Somerset Home

5th February 2018

Plain white UPVC windows are almost everywhere you look on the nation’s streets and whilst that definitely isn’t meant to be a criticism of them, there are plenty other window options available to homeowners. At least there is at Permaframe where we have window styles ranging from classic casements to super sliding sashes in every...

Are You Up To Date With Planning Permission?

1st February 2018

Planning permission probably isn’t the first thing that springs into your mind when you’re considering getting a conservatory or other home extension design installed at your home, but it should be. We would never recommend that you proceed with a conservatory installation before making absolutely sure that it complies with planning permission rules. If it...

The Effect A+ Energy Efficient Windows Will Have On Your Home

17th January 2018

Buying replacement windows for your home is something that you will only usually do once, so it is important to make the right decision – purchasing A+ energy efficient windows will be a perfect choice. It is very easy to identify the standard of energy efficiency offered by a replacement window as they’re labelled in...

The Home Improvement Trends Of 2017 And Our 2018 Predictions

15th December 2017

A lot has happened during 2017; it has been eventful to say the least. The field of home improvements has been particularly lively with a series of trends developing over the past 12 months. There’s no question that further trends will come out next year and that 2018 will prove to be an equally momentous...

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