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What Exactly Is UPVC And Why Is It So Good?

15th April 2021

If you have browsed our full product range, you will have noticed that we manufacture many of them using UPVC, including our conservatories, windows, doors and roofline.  It’s such a great material for constructing home improvement solutions, one that’s been around since 1935.  In case you don’t know what the ‘UPVC’ stands for, it’s an...

How To Succeed At Working From Home

12th April 2021

Are you due to return to the office soon, or have you been told that from now on you can work from home for part of the week or permanently?  Homeworking has worked really well for many businesses, and a lot of employees have enjoyed it, despite maybe missing some of the usual face-to-face interaction. ...

Over 25 Years In Home Improvements - Permaframe Is A Trusted Company

10th March 2021

When you have such a thriving business, time really does fly! We can hardly believe that it’s now more than 25 years ago that we set up Permaframe, and all these years on, we’re still here, which tells you one thing – our customers must think we’re doing something right! You won’t find many other...

3 Big Things To Think About When Extending A Home

9th March 2021

Something that may have become apparent to you when spending so much time at home with the family over the last year is that you desperately need more space.  We outgrow our homes as our families grow in size, and it may have come to decision time – do you extend or move? If there...

3 Home Improvement Projects That You Should Look To Avoid Doing

3rd February 2021

When improving your home, one of the overarching aims should be to enhance its value and make the property more sellable.  Last month, we highlighted some up-to-the-minute home trends you can use to accomplish this feat – the relevant blog post is here.  On the flip side of that, what you don’t ultimately want to...

Is Planning Permission Required To Add A Solid Roof To A Conservatory?

2nd February 2021

Some conservatory owners will barely have got to use their extension over the winter because it’s far too cold to use. That is a real missed opportunity as a conservatory can be a perfect cold-weather setting. A place for cosying up with your loved ones.  It is a resolvable issue though.  Fitting a solid roof...

3 Ways To Get The Cost Of Those Energy Bills Down

14th January 2021

Although Christmas wasn’t the same this year, you still probably spent a good amount of money buying presents for your loved ones and are now feeling far from flush in January.  So what you don’t need is for your energy bills to become really expensive, which they are likely to do if you’re on a...

3 Home Trends That Are Predicted To Be Big In 2021

7th January 2021

Is improving your home one of your New Year’s resolutions? It ought to be if it’s some time since you last did anything to rejuvenate your living space.  You may already have some ideas of what you’d like to do, or you may be at the stage where you’re looking around for inspiration.  Pennine can...

How To Make Your Home Fashionably Festive For Christmas

1st December 2020

Panic stations! December is officially here, so time is running out to get your Christmas shopping done and decorate the house.  Just because it won’t be an ordinary Christmas shouldn’t mean that you don’t make the effort of giving your home a festive feel.  You never know. Santa might just hold back a present or...

3 Of The Best Home Improvements You Can Make For The Winter

11th November 2020

Yet again, we find ourselves spending more time at home than we normally would, but if you love being at home, it makes it a little bit easier.  It’s a place that offers you protection, and should give you lots of enjoyment, which it will if your living space is set up how you wish...

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