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Make A New Years Resolution To Save Money On Energy Bills

4th January 2013

You are probably sick of the media reporting on the increasing fuel prices that homeowners face at least once a year. The rise in our energy bills is unprecedented; it is difficult to think of any other household outgoing that has risen as sharply and as quickly as household fuel. It is set to continue...

Start Planning A Stunning Conservatory For The New Year

12th December 2012

The New Year is just around the corner and now is perhaps the best time of the year to begin thinking what you want to achieve in 2013. For many people January is a time to recover from Christmas and reflect on the past 12 months. This is also the time of year when many...

Expand Your Home With A Permaframe Conservatory

6th December 2012

Choosing to fit a conservatory to your home can be a very big decision and often requires a sizeable investment so it is important to make the right choice the first time. You may be unsure exactly which style will look best on your home or you may be worried that you will not find...

Heating Bills Rise 63 Per Cent In Five Year Period

28th November 2012

The vast majority of our major energy companies have announced a rise in gas bills over the past few weeks with those yet to do so expected to follow suit early in the New Year. This is one of a series of price rises that have taken place over the past few years. Consumer experts...

Experience Permanent Warmth With Permaframe Windows

23rd November 2012

Have you walked by the existing windows in your home recently and felt a cold draught coming through them? If you have then you know that time has come to get them replaced or face a very bitter and harsh winter. Not only that but you can also expect a steep rise in your energy...

Enjoy Garden Living Inside A Conservatory

15th November 2012

Fine weather in the UK is as rare as an England football victory so when the opportunity arises to enjoy warm temperatures you need to take it. However, at this time of year it is not necessarily the rain that prevents us from using our back garden, but the wind, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures....

All Year Round Conservatories From Permaframe

9th November 2012

Its autumn and the cold is starting to chill us to the bones as well as give us an extra 10 minute task in the morning when it comes to defrosting the car and avoiding slipping on the sneaky ice that we haven’t spotted. This means that there will be more time than any other...

Make Energy Bills Manageable With Permaframe

25th October 2012

There seems no end in sight to high energy bills. British Gas have recently announced a rise of up to 6% for their services as well as talk surrounding other providers also increasing prices for their offerings. There are also requests from the powers that be to simplify tariff energy options for homeowners to make...

Tariff Confusion Reigns Amongst Homeowners

18th October 2012

Energy companies have long been criticised for failing to simplify the long list of tariffs they offer and have been encouraged by experts to provide clear transparency. Unfortunately it appears that the Big Six and many of our other suppliers are failing to heed this advice according to an investigation carried out by consumer campaigners...

Purchase A Conservatory With Fewer Complications

10th October 2012

Those who purchased a conservatory in days gone by would be faced with several complications before they could go-ahead with their installation. The main problem would concern local planners as there would be very strict rules as to where a conservatory could be placed and very often permission would be turned down. Rules have been...

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