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Permaframe – A Quarter Of A Century Worth Of Experience

8th October 2012

Though the demand for home improvements has gone up in recent years, homeowners are still understandably cautious about whom they invite into their property to complete a job. Part of the reason could be put down to the popularity of shows such as Watchdog and Rogue Traders, but these types of programmes fail to provide...

Buy Double Glazing To Beat Eye-Watering Energy Rises

1st October 2012

With a couple of our major energy companies already announcing price rises ahead of the winter months, experts are predicting that the average UK energy bill will rise by 120 pounds next year. This will make the average annual fuel bill a whopping 1,428 pounds! Many families will have been hoping that the recent onslaught...

Permanent Permaframe Investments With Double Glazing

27th September 2012

You may be wondering what else you can possibly do to improve your homes thermal efficiency in the long term whilst not spending too much and also considering the value of your home in the future. One of the soundest investments you can make in terms of home improvements is to purchase new double glazing...

Conservatories In Bath Give You More Home To Love

13th September 2012

You can become very attached to your home especially if you have lived in it for a considerable amount of time and enjoy what it has to offer. You may also like the area and have managed to form relationships with people in the neighbourhood and it could be close to your place of work,...

Permanently Professional Installation At Permaframe

12th September 2012

When seeking out a home improvement company for a brand new conservatory you need to get your choice of firm right first time. Choosing a business that neither fails to provide good service, nor a lasting product can be a very expensive mistake and one that all of us could do without. Speak to anyone...

Gain Extra Savings When You Install Double Glazing In Somerset

30th August 2012

Running a home and family nowadays is an extremely costly business. Millions of Britons are working round the clock to earn a living to make sure that they have the funds necessary to keep their property and look after their little ones. Financial pressures such as the steady rise in petrol prices have hit homeowners...

Choose Efficient and Experienced Installers

24th August 2012

When deciding upon who will install your new windows, doors, conservatory or whatever huge home improvement you require you will have a few tests for them to pass. Firstly do they have the right experience and can you trust them? Secondly do they have vast images of windows they supply and have supplied? Are they...

Home Improvements Do Not Have To Be Costly

15th August 2012

Take a good long hard look around your property and there is likely to be something, no matter how minute, that you feel needs improving. It is very rare that you get to a stage where you think everything is perfect and you should never have that mind-set as home improvements are something you should...

Get What You Pay For At Permaframe

7th August 2012

Recently decided to invest in some home improvements? If so you have made a very wise choice as home improvements will not only make your property a better place, but they can also make it that bit more valuable. Your next step should be to locate a home improvement company who have the experience, product...

Cheaper Energy Starts And Ends With Double Glazing In Bath

30th July 2012

Despite the cost of household fuel doubling in less than a decade, experts are warning that fuel costs are set to rise again in time for the winter period. The rise in our energy bills is unprecedented; it is difficult to think of any other household outgoing that has risen as sharply and as quickly...

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