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What Is An Orangery?

23rd April 2018

Making that next step on the property ladder is an expensive business, too expensive for many, which is why some Somerset householders are opting to improve not move and sometimes doing so with a spacious new orangery. It’s fair to say that most of us are familiar with the conservatory, but some reading this will...

Bring The Outside In! Install Bi-Folding Doors From Permaframe

16th April 2018

After one of the worst winters in recent memory it looks as though weather conditions will heat up over the coming days with the bonus of brilliant sunshine. Scientists have found that sunshine has a massively positive impact on our wellbeing helping to improve our mood and the transference of natural light indoors can also...

Transform Your Conservatory This Summer

10th April 2018

You wouldn’t think it from the awful weather we have been experiencing, but summer isn’t too far away! Conservatory owners should particularly be on red alert if they have ambitions to make the most of their extension and assign it as the primary spot for lounging and dining over summer. They still have time though...

Don't Move, Improve What You Have

6th April 2018

If you love where you live but are desperate for more space, why go through the stress of moving to a bigger house when you can just grow your own? A conservatory or orangery is an immediate and permanent solution to all your space-related issues. The cost of buying and getting a spacious new conservatory...

Why U-Values Are Something All Householders Should Know About

22nd March 2018

You may have heard mention of “U-Values” but not be entirely sure what they are or know a good U-Value from a bad one. If you are interested in investing into new home improvements for your property you ought to have an understanding of them as this will help you choose well-insulated products. We say...

Transform Your Bungalow With A Conservatory From Permaframe

20th March 2018

You can never have enough space at home and when you begin to lose it you can feel a little restricted indoors, particularly if you live in a bungalow. The added space you require in your bungalow can be injected into it courtesy of a brand new conservatory – you haven’t read that wrong, it...

Protect Your Conservatory From Water Damage With A Solid Roof

13th March 2018

It hasn’t just been bitterly cold this winter but we have also experienced numerous heavy downpours throughout Somerset and this may have left your old conservatory rather damp. Leaky conservatory roofs are a common problem in conservatories with ageing glass or polycarbonate roofs as wear and tear often eventually gets the better of them. When...

You Don’t Have To Break The Bank To Buy A Permaframe Conservatory

8th March 2018

When you find less and less space to play with at home and it’s causing an issue, extending the property with a conservatory might come into your mind. However, the perceived cost of a conservatory might put you off the idea. You would be surprised though as buying a conservatory isn’t as expensive as you...

5 Benefits Of Having Bi-Folding Doors

5th March 2018

We always experience a big rise of interest in bi-folding doors at this time of the year as the impending spring and summer seasons incentivise householders into connecting their indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-folding doors are the best method of achieving it as they can cover various lengths of available wall space (up to seven...

Visit Our Frome Showroom Today!

16th February 2018

We understand that time is short for people, but if you’re currently looking to improve your Somerset home you simply have to put some time aside to come and visit our Frome showroom. For starters, we showcase every home enhancement product you could possibly want and they’re all of an outstanding quality – conservatories, orangeries,...

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